First Quarter Summary

Our 2015-2016 season kicked off with a eventful first quarter as a variety of projects were tackled for both the electric and gasoline powered vehicles. Our body team has been striving to meet their goal of having the mold for the gasoline vehicle’s fiber glass body complete by the end of first quarter. We are pleased to say that they have achieved this goal and will be working to paint, add protective layers, and lay up the new fiber glass body during second quarter.

IMG_1454     IMG_1468     IMG_1574

The Electrical Engineers have been busy working to transition from a brushed motor to a brushless motor as the power for electrical prototype vehicle. This project will involve a great deal of testing which they plan to do during second quarter. In addition, the gasoline prototype’s printed circuit board (PCB) saw a complete redesign and is anticipated to be done by the middle winter quarter. The electric vehicle’s PCB will also be redesigned at the start of second quarter and we plan to have it by the end of second quarter. We would like to extend a special thanks to Advanced Circuits for their generosity in sponsoring  the  manufacturing costs of our team’s PCBs this year.

pcb 2 1 board layout (5)

More to come soon!


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