Monthly Update-April 2017

Hey SuperMileage fans! This month’s update is all about our time at the 2017 Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. The Shell Eco-Marathon is an energy efficient challenge for high school and collegiate design teams that takes place in Detroit, MI. The goal of the competition is to achieve the most energy efficient vehicle. We bring both vehicles to compete in the gasoline and battery electric sections.

The Gasoline Vehicle Team

The Electric Vehicle Team

Competing in the Shell Eco-Marathon allows our team to bond, especially when we’re stuck in a car with each other for six hours one way. The Shell Eco-Marathon is also an opportunity to learn about other teams, and the design challenges they overcame. When we arrived, we got straight to work placing sponsorship stickers on the car, and double checking everything for technical inspection. At technical inspection, they inspect the safety of the vehicle and driver, and make sure our vehicles comply with the rules.

Gasoline Vehicle in Technical Inspection

Electric Vehicle in Technical Inspection









Both vehicles passed technical inspection on the second day of competition, a feat in and of itself. Some teams come to competition and cannot pass technical inspection.

Electric Car on the Track

The Gasoline Vehicle on the Track








The gasoline vehicle in frame with the GM Building

The electric vehicle crossing the “finish line”










The gasoline vehicle achieved 14th place out of 30 at 588 mpg, and the electric vehicle achieved 9th place out of 17 at 120 mi/kwh.

The MSOE SuperMileage Team at the Shell Eco-Marathon

Overall, we had a lot of fun this year at the Shell Eco-Marathon. We hope to improve the mileage of our gasoline vehicle at the SAE SuperMileage competition in June. As for our electric vehicle, the Shell Eco-Marathon is our only opportunity to compete, so we hope that next year we will have our brushless motor implemented into the vehicle. The Shell Eco-Marathon will be moving to California next year, and we are excited to see what that entails! Stay tuned to our website for more updates from the team!

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