Monthly Update-December 2016

Hello everybody, the MSOE SuperMileage team would just like to say we hope you had a wonderful holiday! This year was a great year, and we are ready to start 2017 with a handful of major vehicle projects. For starters, the electrical team is working on a driver controller for the new brushless motor system. They are validating their driver controller through extensive testing, and upon completion will construct the final system. Not only is the electrical team working hard on their projects, but the engine team is also optimizing their power system by redesigning elements of the starter motor and starter gears. In addition, injector testing will take place to determine the best injector for our needs. We’re excited to see how this engine performs, and looks in its brand new body. The body team will be making a mold for the new body design, and once that mold is finish they will use it to lay up carbon fiber. The reason we used carbon fiber is because it is light weight, has an extremely high weight to strength ratio, and has superior formability when compared to other materials. We are excited to see how all of these projects turn out and look forward to keeping our viewers informed of our journey as we finish up our vehicles.

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