Monthly Update-January 2017

Hello everybody, SuperMileage back with another monthly update. This month we would like to share with you guys about the body design project we have been working on. This job is a really big project that the body team has been working extremely hard on. The reason being, they had to first design the body and then also create the body. The process for creating this new physical body is a lengthy because it requires an accurate handmade mold. First they take a large amount of high density isolation pink foam. The reason they chose pink foam was for its formability, it is lightweight, and available stock dimensions. Each layer of foam has the dimensions of 1’x4’x8’. The overall mold dimensions are 4’x10’.


Top Layer Foam Cutout Before Bondo

Bottom Layer Foam Cutout Before Bondo










The process requires a lot of foam to make the mold. Mold fabrication was done by slicing the 3D body design into multiple layers which were then printed onto a 36”x120” piece of paper. After they printed each layer, they put it on a layer of pink foam as a guide for the jigsaw blade to trace. Once all of the layers were cut out, each layer of the pink foam was aligned and attached using a foam safe caulk. The reason they used this specific caulk is because other adhesives react negatively with the foam and can actually “eat” through the layer which would ruin the mold. Once all of the layers were put together, the body team had to sand down the layers to eliminate the ridges created during assembly. Once the mold is smoothed down the body team painted it with a latex paint to prevent any interaction between the bondo/plaster and pink foam. Once the bondo is applied there is a little more sanding to clean up the rough surface. Once that is complete they will apply a wax and PVA which is a release agent, onto the mold surface. The SuperMileage team is excited to see how this body turns out and we can’t wait to share it with all of our viewers.

Bottom layer after bondo

Top layer after bondo

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