Monthly Updates-November 2016

Hello everyone, it is time for our monthly update! This month we decided to focus on the electrical side of things. The Supermileage team has two types of vehicles, one is gas while the other is electric. In the electric vehicle, we currently have a brushed motor system that is run on 24 volts. This year we are working on changing the system to a brushless system. We have a combination of brilliant computer engineers and electrical engineers working on building an efficient brushless motor system.



In order to make this brushless motor system move, we need to build a 3 phase driver controller, that will allow us to spin the motor efficiently. With the system we have to worry about more than just making the motor spin, we need to make sure there is a lot of safety nets going into the system so that we don’t have any dangerous situations. The way that is done is by building 3 half-bridge drivers, this uses N-channel MOSFET’s to control them. We are currently in the process of building this driver controller and then we will begin testing to make improvements where improvements are needed. To build a driver controller from scratch is a very challenging project, but we are confident that we can accomplish this in time for competition, we have a lot of brilliant engineers hard at work on this task.

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