Spring Quarter Update 2017

Hello MSOE SuperMileage Fans! This post is our end of the school year update. We will resume monthly updates in September. We had a successful spring quarter this year, we competed in both the Shell Eco-Marathon, and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) SuperMileage Design Competition.

The gasoline vehicle in frame with the GM Building

Electric Car on the Track











Our trip to the Shell Eco-Marathon was detailed in our April monthly update. This post will cover our time at the SAE SuperMileage Competition, and future plans for the MSOE SuperMileage Team.

The MSOE SuperMileage Team at the Shell Eco-Marathon

The SAE SuperMileage Competition takes place in Marshall, MI at the Eaton Proving Grounds. This competition is only for gasoline powered vehicles. The goal is similar in ways to the Shell Eco-Marathon. However, in this competition all teams are required to submit a design report detailing a major improvement to the vehicle, and hold a presentation with technical inspection officials. These are combined with the fuel mileage scores from the dynamic event for an overall score.

Helping the driver get seat-belted in before a run

The gasoline car passing the finish line on the first run










We had some roadblocks on the first day of competition, we were unable to pass technical inspection on the first day, but we passed first thing the next day. This prevented us from testing our vehicle on the track before the dynamic event started the next day. We also had problems during our dynamic event, only able to complete one run. The engine would not start up again on the 2nd lap of each attempt after the first, but would start fine when in the pit. This proved to be troubling for our team to solve.

We achieved third place on our design, and achieved a fuel mileage of 442 mpg. These scores combined to place us at 8th out of 17 teams.

Team picture from the SAE Design Competition

Proudly showing our 3rd place plaque for our design report











Some future plans for the team include an inertia dyno for testing both vehicles, an enhanced data acquisition system to monitor vehicle attributes while they are on the track, and switch to a brushless motor drivetrain for the battery electric vehicle.

Overall, we had a great year with a lot of new innovations, and we hope to implement many more in the coming year. Enjoy your Summer!

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